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What is bio-energetic testing

Bio-energetic testing takes a look at your core health. The goal is to bring your body back into balance, remove unwanted stress, and help achieve optimum health. 

A bio-energetic evaluation communicates with your body energetically to identify unhealthy energy patterns, as well as gives optimal frequencies and information your body needs for wellness and balance. We will also discover which organ systems of your body are stressed along with the emotional connections.

This type of session is unique because we are not diagnosing, rather, we are understanding what areas in your body may need support. We can then use the information to improve and assist your body's natural ability to heal with balancing frequencies along with recommendations of nutritional supplements for any additional support your body may need. 

Our comprehensive scan allows you to understand your body on a deeper level. It is personal, natural, customized and innovative.

Evaluation can identify:

-Food and environmental sensitivities-

-Nutritional and hormone imbalances-

-Presence of toxins in the body-

-Which remedies will best balance your body in the most gentle, effective way- 

*Essential - 6 week standard protocol, scan results by phone and email, 2 frequency imprints, supplement recommendations.


*Advanced - 12 weeks total. 8 week comprehensive detox protocol, scan results by phone and email with 4 week protocol, 2 frequency imprints, 1 flower essence blend, a half-way point check-in call, supplement recommendations. 

*Premium - 20 weeks total. 8 week comprehensive detox protocol, scan results by phone and email with 2-6 week protocols, 2 sets of 6 week frequency imprints and protocols, 2 to 4 flower essence blends as needed, 2 check-in calls, supplement recommendations. 

Order your bio-kit today to get on the path to restoring your wellness naturally.

Essential Bio-Kit $199


Advanced Bio-Kit $399


Premium Bio-Kit $699



**Kits are shipped priority mail and include postage paid return packaging, forms and instructions.

3 step sample protocol:




How sample testing works:

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