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Balancing your body, mind, and spirit to achieve optimal health and well-being

Heather Rose is passionate about guiding people in finding and creating possibilities for abundance and freedom in their lives.  Getting to the

physical, emotional, and metaphysical root causes of your chronic and acute symptoms and concerns is her main focus. Heather is a certified Qest4 Bio-Energetic Testing Consultant,   Integrative Health and Wellness Coach,  Emotion Code, Body Code, and Generational Emotional Mapping (G.E.M.) Therapy practitioner,  as well as an Intuitive Reader with over 20 years of experience.  She possesses extensive knowledge in regenerative detoxification, and a base education of Bach flower remedies and homeopathy. Being a wholistic, naturopathic, and "food is our medicine" thinker and practitioner, she regards each client as a whole person rather than a situation or a symptom to overcome.  Using  humor, compassion, and straightforward dialogue, Heather gives insight, guidance, and tools that can empower  you to take control and make positive changes to your circumstances and health if you choose to.  Reach out today to experience this unique approach to help get you on the path to  healing.

Watch the video below to learn how your emotions can impact your body and health.


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At Inner Wisdom Healing we don't suppress symptoms, we address symptoms

Healing is a process, not a procedure.


Bio-energetic Analysis

The Qest4 system is a fully automated screening device used for bio-energetic testing, or Meridian Stress Assessment. While not a diagnostic tool, it is able to test organs, glands, and systems of the body to give feedback on areas that are stressed. Through a non-invasive screening process, we can quickly assess what is going on in the body energetically. Determining the emotional and physical root causes to symptoms and what the body needs to correct the imbalances. Once the process is completed, a custom protocol is discussed, which includes energetic carriers tailored to your body's needs, a custom flower essence, as well as recommendations for vitamins, minerals, herbs, and more, to get your body back to homeostasis (balance). Scans conducted via samples.***

Essential=Scans, 6 week protocol, 2 energetic imprints, custom flower essence, 30 minute call, emailed reports, and nutritional recommendations.

Advanced=Scans, 8 week protocol, comprehensive detox kit, 2 energetic imprints, custom flower essence, 30 minutes call, 1 touchpoint call, emailed reports, and nutritional recommendations. 

Premium=2-sets of scans, 12 week protocol, 4 energetic imprints, 2 flower essences, 2-30 minute calls, 2 touchpoint calls, emailed reports, and nutritional recommendations.

***Clients do not need to come in person. DNA testing with hair/saliva samples are used for the assessment process with accurate results. A sample kit with return postage and packaging is mailed to you. 


Integrative Health Coaching

Integrative health and wellness coaching takes a holistic approach focusing on empowering you to make positive changes in your life. This is facilitated by addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to achieve optimal health and well-being. 


What that looks like:

    Holistic Approach: Recognizing that health is influenced by various interconnected factors, including lifestyle, environment, emotions and beliefs.

Client-Centered Approach: Focusing on your unique needs, preferences, and goals, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.

Collaborative Relationship: Building a partnership between the coach and the client, where the coach serves as a guide and supporter in your journey towards better health.

 Goal Setting: Helping you establish realistic and achievable health goals, and developing a personalized plan to work towards those goals.

Behavioral Change: Assisting you in identifying and overcoming barriers to change, and adopting healthier behaviors and habits.

Education and Empowerment: Providing you with information, tools, and resources to make informed decisions about your health, and empowering you to take an active role in your own well-being.

Mind-Body Connection: Recognizing the interconnectedness of the mind and body, and incorporating techniques to promote mental and emotional well-being, such as mindfulness, meditation, and stress reduction techniques.

Lifestyle Modification: Emphasizing the importance of lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management, in maintaining optimal health and preventing chronic disease.

Preventive Care: Encouraging proactive measures to maintain health and prevent illness, rather than just treating symptoms after they arise.


Emotion Code, Body Code, & G.E.M. Therapy


Combining the energy healing modalities of Emotion Code, Body Code, and Generational Emotional Mapping (G.E.M.) Therapy to gently, quickly, and effectively release the emotional baggage that causes dysfunction and disorder in our lives. Energetic imbalances, trapped emotions, and generational misperceptions are identified and released. Designed to resolve physical discomfort due to chronic or acute illness, ease emotional wounds, restore love to relationships, break cycles of self-sabotage and more. If called for, a custom therapeutic grade essential oil blend will be sent to you as well. All sessions are conducted remotely.


Intuitive Readings

Readings with Heather Rose are a combination of all her abilities and education. She does not use just one tool alone, but instead begins intuitively and goes where spirit and the client lead her. Whether you are looking for guidance, connection, or answers, Heather will work with you to find what you may need, giving you the clarity and balance that you seek. Pinpointing the root causes of issues you may be experiencing, discussing how to improve or heal them, as well as giving you peace of mind during overwhelming or confusing times in life. Readings take place by phone or  Zoom.


Free 15 minute discovery calls available

Bio-Energetic Analysis

Bio-Kit Packages




Health and Wellness Coaching

12 weeks-$895

Emotion Code/Body Code/G.E.M.

Single Session $125

3 Session Package Pre-Paid $345

5 Session Package Pre-Paid $545

10 Session Package Pre-Paid $945

Intuitive Reading

30 minutes $70

1 hour $130

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Healing your furry friends too! 

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