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 Empowering you with clarity, balance, and connection

Heather Rose is passionate about guiding people in finding and creating possibilities for abundance and freedom in their lives.  Heather is a certified Qest4 bio-energetic testing practitioner. An Integrative Health Coach specializing in energy medicine using Emotion Code, Body Code, and Generational Emotional Mapping (G.E.M. Therapy). As well as an Intuitive Reader with over 20 years of experience reading tarot and oracle cards. Heather is also is a certified Medical Intuitive, Angel Reader, Medium, and Spiritual Counselor. She possesses extensive knowledge in regenerative detoxification, and a base knowledge of Bach Flower Remedies. Being a wholistic, naturopathic, and "food is our medicine" thinker and practitioner, she regards each client as a whole person, rather than a situation or a symptom to overcome.  Using  humor, compassion, and straightforward dialogue, Heather gives insight, guidance, and tools that can empower  you to take control and make positive changes to your circumstances and health if you choose to.  Reach out today to experience this unique approach to help you start healing your mind, body, and spirit.

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Bio-energetic Testing

The Qest4 system is a fully automated screening device used for bio-energetic testing, or Meridian Stress Assessment. While not a diagnostic tool, it is able to test organs, glands, and systems of the body to give feedback on areas that are stressed. Through a non-invasive screening process, we can quickly assess what is going on in the body energetically. Determining the emotional and physical root causes to symptoms and what the body needs to correct the imbalances. Once the process is completed, a custom protocol is discussed, which includes homeopathic drops specifically tailored to your body's needs, as well as recommendations for vitamins, minerals, herbs, and more, to get your body back to homeostasis. With this information presented you are empowered to take your health in a positive direction.

***Clients do not need to come in person. Typically DNA testing with hair/saliva samples are used for the assessment process with accurate results. This enables clients who are not local or not able to commute to also benefit from this process. A sample kit with return postage and packaging is mailed to you. 


Emotion Code & Body Code 


Energy healing with the Emotion Code and Body Code is a gentle, fast, and effective method of releasing the emotional baggage that causes dysfunction and disorder in our lives. It is a holistic energy technique created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. Energetic imbalances, misalignments, and trapped emotions are identified and released. It is designed to resolve physical discomfort due to chronic or acute illness, ease emotional wounds, restore love to relationships, break cycles of self-sabotage and more. Your subconscious mind will get us on the path to clear obstacles, imbalances, and misalignments that could be the root to issues in your body and life. Sessions are conducted remotely, by phone, so location is never an issue.  

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Generational Emotional Mapping

G.E.M. Therapy

G.E.M. Therapy is a personalized protocol that clears emotional roadblocks of the subconscious. Identifying the factors that are at the root of your disharmony on the mental, emotional, and physical levels. Using kinesiology along with the therapeutic properties of essential oils, G.E.M. helps to release generational misperceptions quickly and efficiently. Sessions are conducted in person.


Intuitive Readings

Readings with Heather Rose are a combination of all her abilities and education. She does not use just one tool alone, but instead begins intuitively and goes where spirit and the client lead her. Whether you are looking for guidance, connection, or answers, Heather will work with you to find what you may need, giving you the clarity and balance that you seek. Pinpointing the root causes of issues you may be experiencing, discussing how to improve or heal them, as well as giving you peace of mind during overwhelming or confusing times in life. Readings can take place in person, by phone, or by Zoom.


Bio-Energetic Testing

Initial Session $150

Follow Up Sessions $125

Emotion Code/Body Code

Single Session $115

3 Session Package Pre-Paid $325

5 Session Package Pre-Paid $525

10 Session Package Pre-Paid $925

G.E.M Therapy

Single Session $115

3 Session Package Pre-Paid $325

5 Session Package Pre-Paid $525

10 Session Package Pre-Paid $925

Intuitive Reading

30 minutes $65

1 hour $120

Free 15 minute consultation calls also available

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Lisa C.

Incredibly accurate and very talented. Whether in person or on the phone I feel like I receive a lot of information. I'd recommend to anybody and she is the only person I'll get readings from.

Nicole H.

So pleased with my experience! Heather Rose is very straightforward yet warm and kind. You can tell she truly cares about helping the people that come to her. She is reasonably priced and worth the money. I totally recommend Heather Rose

Susan K.

Heather is accurate and effective. She has done Emotion Code energy  work on me as well as my dog. Even after having a surgery for recurring UTI's, my dog was still experiencing bladder issues. Heather did some amazing work on her and she has not had any issues since then. As for me, I felt an obvious difference physically with my wrist, and also emotionally over the days following my session. I will continue to work with Heather and recommend her to anyone.


Kelli B.

I have gotten readings from Heather over the past few years, and she has been very accurate. I have kept copies of the readings and will go back to them and it is amazing how she picks up on things. She is very gifted with her psychic abilities and can pick up on details as well as give you a good feel for the future with her optimism and insight. Her abilities are the best I've seen and I've been to a lot of readers! 

Joseph B.

While I had never heard of Emotion Code I was willing to try anything to help with my  worsening lower back discomfort. After the first session my pain went from a 10 down to a 5 on a pain level scale! I was amazed and couldn't believe what had taken place without even being in the same room as Heather. This was the first time I'd ever experienced any type of energy work, but it definitely won't be my last. After 3 sessions my back pain is completely gone and we have moved on to more healing for me. 

Shawna W. 

A friend referred me to Heather for Emotion Code after having success with several issues. I wanted to work on my anxiety as well as some foot pain. During the session I didn't feel much except relaxed, which was a welcome feeling in itself.  When discussing the trapped emotions at the end of the session I was shocked at how accurate some of the ages and connections were. Very interesting to say the least. While my foot pain went away almost immediately, I noticed my overall anxiety lessening as the days went forward. A very subtle yet powerful healing modality that I will be doing more of!

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